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Precision Ice and Snow

Precision Ice and Snow - Support Information

Precision Ice
  • Precision Ice
    Krycell Ice and Snow WASH is a winter ice and snow mixture. It is applied by brush, or by any impliment to place it where you want.

    It is designed to be used on scale model vehicle's and buildings 1/24th scale and below. Down to 1/160th scale. It can be applied in small local amounts or in larger washes applied with a soft brush. The size of the brush depends on the size of your model.
    If it is applied in broad washes the snow settles into the detail and edges and leaves the raised areas cleaner of snow deposit. This is very realistic giving natural build-up and cover.
    The wash can be re-applied to get thicker layers of snow build-up and for all of you who want complete control with your applications, you can build it up locally into isolated deposits of snow.
  • This wash is pre-mixed and is ready to use. No need for an adhesive, it will set to a durable finish. It can be removed easily using a damp sponge, or cloth during application and after it has set.
    It is possible to get stunning results on all scales from 1/160th up to 1/24th scale.
    You can replicate light frost, heavy frost, light snow and heavy snow with this simple to use miracle product and its great fun to use too.
  • Precision Ice
    This is the White winter camouflage paint... It is designed to be a whitewash for all scale millitary models. It can be used to reproduce the appearence of field applied emergency white paintwork.
    During armed conflict troop’s, airmen and personnel needed to hide their equipment in a hurry when it snowed, or when winter turned up. Equipment which blended in during the summer months stood out in the harsh winter and white landscape. Away from workshops and proper paint shops with proper paint and equipment, personnel looked for anything to cover the summer colours, insignia and summer camouflage. This meant using anything that was available.
    This meant using ANY white paint and brushes to protect themselves. The results were often messy, and wore off quickly in the extreme weather.
    So, we created a paint that mimics the paint used. A whitewash for scale models. The idea is that it is applied completely, and then you decide how much and in what style you want to remove it.
    The results are very realistic because of this process. Instead of building up an appearance of worn paintwork, it is possible to re-create the wear and tear of weather and the gradual removal of a winter camouflage paint. The paint-whitewash can be applied to show brush marks of any scale and size.
    It can be painted safely over any painted detail without damage.
    It is stable when dry and will not flake off, or powder off. It can be handled without it being removed.
    It can be removed fully with warm water and a soft brush.
    It can be applied thinly and smoothly by using water to thin it as it is applied.
  • Precision Ice
    The ice sheets are cast in different colour's to replicate different coloured water. They can be broken easily and fitted into dioramas to replicate smashed and broken ice.
    The four types are Algae Green, Peat Brown, Clear water, and Trapped air bubbles.
    All of these are very realistic and are suitable for all scales.
    They have two layers. The top layer is frosty white with oxygen. The layer underneath is clear.
  • Precision Ice
    Krycell Water is our two part silicone water effect material. It is low viscocity and will set to a level crisp surface around the edges of your model or diorama.
    We supply Krycell water in Clear, Brown, Sea Blue and green. The Brown and Green tinted water effects complete with debris and organic pieces, just as in full scale water.
    Krycell water is suitable for all water effects and is designed to be used with our ice sheet and other snow products.
    It is harmless and non toxic and does not give off any nasty fumes and is very simple and easy to use.
  • Precision Ice
    Precision Ice and Snow adhesive is a water clear, water thin adhesive.
    It can be used for sticking our snow powders down.
    It can also be used for sticking over scenic material like scatter, undergrowth in landscapes and sealing your finished dioramas.

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